OpI’m just a nerdy girl who reads all day.
Apart from reading, I spend my time deciding what to read, browsing books and writing book reviews. So you got the idea what my blog is about!

  • I accept only hardcopies, no ebooks.
  • I charge a price of 200 INR a book.
  • Whole of the payment must be made in advance.
  • I prefer direct transfer to bank account, but accept Amazon gift card as well, if it is convenient to the payer. I don’t accept money by any other medium.
  • I post review on Amazon.in, goodreads and blog.
  • I also post pictures and updates regarding review on my Instagram account. (It’s a personal account, not a bookstagram)
  • I take care not to post negative reviews on online shopping portals so as to not cause decline in sales of the book.

I provide honest and detailed reviews. I believe that a book is a hardwork of authors and their publishers. So, I always try that the money they spend on sending books to me is worth it. Contact me anytime and I’ll give the best of what I can!

You can simply put in a collab request through the contact page. Otherwise, send an email to kajaldhamija65@gmail.com.

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