Stephen King is a master story teller. There is no doubt about that. But there are two kinds of people: who love his writing and those who don’t. I mean, in the second category, people feel like they get impatient reading his book. And I think I fall somewhere in between. I’ve felt both: the feeling of loving his writing and feeling impatient reading his book. But I think the former feeling clearly overcomes the latter feeling and I’ll go on reading his books in future as well.

And now I’m gonna talk about IT. It took me 3 months to read that book- not because I didn’t find it interesting. It was just that I had my exams in between and review books were there as well. But the book was gripping from the very beginning. It did maintain my attentiveness for most of the time as well. But not everything is great about the book. But first let’s talk about the good things.

The way the story has been presented is amazingly weird. Or weirdly amazing. I really don’t know. But it surely indulges you in itself, even if in a badly addictive manner. And the scary part. Yes, it is scary. Since finding some hot horror shit was the point of picking this book up, you’ll more or less enjoy this part.

Now the not-so-good things about this book. The book is surely gross at places. I can’t give you more details but I’d certainly like to give one of for you to know the intensity of gross here. A girl of 12 fucks 6 different boys of the same age and after this is done, they are simply able to find the way out the tunnel. I mean, can anything be more gross?

But I think a true reader will enjoy the book for its great parts and won’t mind the gross parts much. Only that you don’t read this book when you are alone. It may affect you strongly, even make you paranoid. Also, there were a lot of unnecessary details. Without these unnecessary details, the book could be shorter by 200-400 words. But I wonder if the charm would’ve been lost without these details.

It is a big book (only a little?) and it sometimes felt like doing a task of finishing it. But I assure you the satisfaction was immense when I finished it. So you should definitely go ahead with reading it.


8 thoughts on “IT by Stephen King – is this book of 1200 pages worth reading?

  1. I have tried to read his books multiple times, but I get so bored with them. He’s definitely just not my kinda writer. But that scene with the girl, holy shit, I don’t think I’d want to read that at all. 😮

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    1. I get you. My first book by him was pet sematary. And I think I enjoyed it a lot. I gave up reading 2 books by him afterwards. And then read ‘misery’, which I liked a lot as well. So, I think that the kind of book you pick up matters.

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      1. The book was one of my best reads of last year. This is what I wrote in my post of best reads: ‘I picked up this materpiece after reading ‘pet sematary’ by Stephen king and reading so much about King. I would say it didn’t disappoint it at all. At the same time, I feel I felt a little bored at times since I didn’t get what the writer was trying to do. But now that I think about it, I do realise that this is one hell of a book. I recommend this book as one of the finest books I’ve read. I’ll make it a point to re read it soon. ‘

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