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[Book Review] Geekerella by Ashley Poston

Genre- retellings, contemporary, romance
My rating- 3.5/5

“ Look to the stars. Aim. Ignite”

Oh my god! This was such a sweet book.

Elle is a nobody who lives with her step mother and her two equally wicked step sisters. Her father was a huge fan of Starfield. Just like him, Elle is a geek of this show. Now, there is a cosplay organised – ExcelsiCon. This story is mainly about how Elle dodges barriers- both small and big- to participate in this cosplay and eventually unite with her prince Charming!

This book was a fairytale indeed. The writer has done this retelling very beautifully. There is nothing more to say; this story is exactly what Cinderella would be like in this modern world. 

The fandom of Starfield is potrayed quite beautifully here. While reading about it and imagining the cosplay, one is sure to remember such shows and books they love themselves.

But book is not perfect. Even though the modern Cinderella is what it is, it is not all flawless like it. Even though I admit I read it somewhere, but I totally agree with it that it kinda reminds you of those stories posted on the internet by random people. Majority of the first half and a small part of the later half is that way and you can’t stop wondering at the weirdness. I even thought to stop reading it when I was at around page 50. 

Nevertheless, I carried on and I read this book. I think this is a kind of book you could read, just for the few pages of awesomeness!

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