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I have believed in this statement when I had that friend. I still do, even when that friend has gone very far away from me, because I still miss her so much, and I can never hate her, never.

She was someone whom I felt attached to even before we were friends. You know, there are people who feel so much like home. Merely being near them, in their company, is enough. Feeling anxious? Hug them. Feeling angry? Hug them. Feeling nothing? Just give them a call and talk for a good half an hour and everything will be alright.

That friend of mine was one of those people who are very quiet around people they don’t know very well. And around friends? They talk to you in such a depth that you start finding all other conversations really boring. She used to pour her heart to me, and that made me feel very special obviously. And i also used to share anything and everything to her without fear of apathy or betrayal.

But one day, all of a sudden, she told me that we won’t talk to each other anymore. I was a careless person back then; I did not think much of it then. After few months she shifted to another town and then I started missing her, slowly day by day. I also tried contacting her few times. She talked to me, but she felt devoid of any emotion- what had happened that she started feeling absolutely nothing for a friend all of a sudden?

I’m not sure even today what actually happened, but I have a few theories which fit perfectly there.

In the initial phase of our friendship, I made her feel very important. But I also had other friends, whom I started giving equal importance later. What I failed to realize is that I also had others, but she only had me. So, maybe that hurt her. That was when she decided to finish this. I was very frustrated at her; how can anyone simply stop caring about someone? But I totally get it today. It can happen when you don’t receive that love in return, when you feel ignored.

As much as I want that amazing friend back in my life, I can’t bring myself trying anymore, for I don’t want to hurt her. I fear rejection. I don’t know what to do. I’ve never wished for a miracle more than I wish now. I really want that friend back in my life. I wish she somehow reads this post and feels something, anything. She even may show anger and shout at me; but this apathy is the worst. Even if I never get to see her, I wish her the best, she is one hardworking person and deserves all the success and happiness.

Taking friends for granted can cost you more than you can ever imagine. Mine was calling me, I was a minute late, and she disappeared.


18 thoughts on “REGRET OR RE-GET?

  1. its just so amazing but heartbreaking at the end.. but its fact when we’ve so many people we reluctantly kinda ignore some people and that costs a lot at the end of the day !
    But its again a lesson to learn , get high , make friends , just dont repeat !!

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