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An Encounter with Cannabis

My friend wrote a post on this crucial subject. Please do check this out!


No! No! No! Am not in my senses, its not happening! Something has went wrong! Please help me! Someone please help me

He kept on saying as he was loosing control over his brain and slowly his senses, he thought maybe he had too much, but he actually didn’t !Calm down, Calm downhis friends kept on telling him but he felt lost, completely!
How does this all happen? Has it ever happened to you? How do all these drugs take control of your brain?Let’s find out

Just like the “Hangover” friends, he too wanted to have some fun and enjoy his life, well nobody atleast in India would suggest you taking drugs for the soothiness and fun in the life, but sometimes people become so curious and intended that they ‘will’ to have some of them! He too was one of them. But this time the drug…

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