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Your advice, perhaps?

Being an ardent reader also made me want to write. And, I’m not too bad at writing. At least that’s what my friends say. I’ve even won a few writing competitions, which boosted my confidence more than I thought it would. 

I’ve always had that desire to write my own books- fictions which people go crazy about. I’ve always wanted to make an impact. I have a few plots in my mind and want to start writing soon.

Problem is, I find writing much less spontaneous than I thought it was for me. When I write, I feel something major is missing, like words are flowing alone, that I’m not with them.

I have a strong feeling that I’m just going through a very long writer’s block and one day I’ll be out of it suddenly. 

Still, any ideas if I can do something about it?

33 thoughts on “Your advice, perhaps?

  1. I will share what I do….I write down all points in bullets of my dreams….after some days I found that all this points will related to each other. So I try to pick interesting and writer think over it. It works as all the point will be from your own dreams and thought…. And congrats dear 😊

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  2. Same is problem with me….
    Its like you want to write but it misses a major essence… You must be feeling it to be so plain… But don’t worry it happens with all.. sometimes simple words with sime composition can be great posts…
    For boosting up your confidence I would suggest you to post more and appreciate the feedback you are getting… And if you feeling something is missing try to collaborate or seek some help from fellow writers….
    I feel by taking small small from everyone you can make a big impact… But see never lose your flavour of writing… Because it is unique and something to be proud off…
    Hope this will help you somewhat…
    Keep writing 😊

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  3. As a person who writes poetry, my advice for you is: write anyway. You’ll know it’s shit but writing alone can save you. Also, I just wanted to tell you how much I related to your piece- hella!

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  4. I always carry a notebook. I write down words and thoughts to use for later. Music is my key muse. I read a lot. Reading make me want to write. Writing is a lifetime skill to be learned. I have been writing for almost 50 years and I’m still learning.

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  5. I’m kind of in the same situation, that’s why I am participating in the Scribber Challenge hosted by a fellow blogger, it’s kind of a surprise prompt writing challenge with a partner.

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