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[Book Review] Evil under the sun by Agatha Christie

Genre- mystery, crime, classics

My rating- 3/5

In case the murderer may still be about

This story is about the murder of a woman who is very attracted to men. But more than that, every man is attracted to her. 

For me, the premise of a book is very important. In this book, I don’t know, I think I could not immerse myself in the premise. Even though the thought of a murder in a tourist hotel in an island sounds alluring, I couldn’t find myself enjoying it much.

Now, some things sounded extremely absurd to me. People here always thought of Mrs. Marshall as a wicked woman, with no values and bla bla bla. But her husband is sympathetic towards her. This thing simply did not make sense to me. There is no excuse for having a habit of being attracted to the people in a certain way when you’re committed to someone.

But, do you know what made by for all these flaws? The flawless mystery, and how it unfolded, how Christie again made me wonder at the end. When you read an Agatha Christie novel, this is something you can always take for granted. It’s just that when you’ve read her books like ‘And then there were none’ and ‘Murder on the orient express’, your expectations are way too high. In a way, I was satisfied with this book since it quenced my thirst for a mystery book!

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