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My story as a reader

Living in a small town in Punjab, India, not many people think about reading like they think about watching T.V, going out with friends and family or going to the movies! They just don’t consider it much of an activity here.

But I had a reader in me from the very beginning. Owing to the fact that there wasn’t a single soul I could find interested in reading- the best ever thing you can do, I was almost 15 when I first started reading- all by myself, on wattpad!

I was pretty excited when I found out I could read on my phone. I remember clearly when I shared about the same with someone and tried showing them the amazing app. The reply I got was,β€œ naw, you only read it.” That was very embarrassing to me. A seed started growing inside my head- a seed of never sharing my reading experience.

What’s next? I started to read quietly, without sharing about it to anyone. It went for sometime before 2 of my friends in school were interested in reading. We used to go to the school library together and I would recommend them books- something I always find pride in.

After reading 4 Harry Potter books from the school library, I graduated. I made sure to read the rest of them by buying them ( I have all HP books except these four, which I’ll buy soon and complete my collection).

Now, when one day I was heading to College library, a friend said,β€œthere’s nothing kept in books”. I just smiled at her. Not many months after, I got a call from her asking me for recommendation of a good fantasy book.
Scenario today

Today, I’m very open about reading. My family is quite proud of me, especially when I finish those really big novels comprising of like 800 pages. I love buying books online (there ain’t a bookstore here) and slowly building up my book collection.

Somehow, I am quite confident about writing as well, which is  acknowledged by my friends and family. I’ve turned some of my friends into readers and I love talking to them about books. But I’ve learned one thing all this while- don’t waste your energy showing your passion to someone who doesn’t give a crap.

Keeping other things aside, I would say that reading has made me so much more confident about everything. I don’t keep my feelings inside me anymore, I show them. But most importantly, I feel so much at peace. I don’t feel like I’ve to please anyone now. Worldly things don’t matter much to me.

My definition of a happy life just consists of family, few friends and lots of books and reading!

13 thoughts on “My story as a reader

  1. I think this is the story of every city in India. I found there are more readers in Ahmedabad (my hometown) than Hyderabad where I’m living right now. That’s great you found Harry Potter in school library. I haven’t seen any fictional books in libraries of my school or college.

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