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[Book Review] Only time will tell by Jeffrey Archer

20-47-32-81L8s522h1LGenre – historical fiction, drama

My rating-4.5/5

This book is simplicity at its best!

A book set in early 1920s to late 1930s, this book gives a complete feel of that era. Mainly set around Harry Clifton, the son of a dock worker, this book revolves around two families. Most of the characters are good souls and a few of them pure evil; you’ll be engrossed in it due to the circumstances created thanks to the deeds of both.

When we read books, we usually like them because some big details make impact on us. But with this book, it’s the very minute details that get you. Even though the narration is as simple as it can be, Archer grabs the attention of the readers till the very end with some missing details and filling them up by using point of views of different people concerned. Just when you start thinking you got a situation completely, he adds up some very important left-out part of the situation through another person’s POV and keeps you in awe.

This is the kind of book you want to read in one go. Loving the setting of this book, that particular era, I think I can never have enough of such a book. I know one thing for certain now- everything written by Jeffrey Archer serves its purpose somewhere in the latter part of book. This one reason just keeps you glued to the book.

I’m glad to have read this book. And, do you know what the best part is? That this is a series with at least seven books and this is just the first one!

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