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[Book Review] An unsuitable boy by Karan Johar

Genre- non fiction, autobiography

My Rating-5/5

Someone who doesn’t have emotional intelligence bores me.”

This book took me by surprise! Let me warn you beforehand that this is going to be more of an emotion centred text than a review. But then, this book is all about emotions, and more emotions.

This is the first autobiography that I could so closely relate to. One reason is quite simple- I’ve grown up watching Kjos movies. But I’d certainly not expected to feel emotionally connected at such a level.

The book is written with utter honesty. Things mentioned are honest. Some matters are also left unmentioned, but not without giving reasons for the same.

If you have minimal knowledge about Bollywood movies, you’ll find reading experience of this book quite enjoyable since it contains inside stories of Indian film making of the recent era. This book is about a lot of success seen by Karan Johar, and also about his small failures. You’ll find out what rumours actually are- just rumours.

But mostly, you’ll feel so connected to a person you watch on TV. That person who is dancing on TV is actually going through his angst. He also gets upset by people, he has overcome his fears, he has hurt people but also has been hurt by them.

After reading such a book, I became much more emotionally confident( i don’t know if there is such a term). I’ve come to realise it’s okay to feel the way you feel. It’s okay to show it to other people, and then, get over it.

Looking for a good non fiction book? This is the one for you, for anyone and everyone!

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