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[Review] Geekerella by Ashley Poston

Genre- retellings, contemporary, romance
My rating- 3.5/5

“ Look to the stars. Aim. Ignite”

Oh my god! This was such a sweet book.

Elle is a nobody who lives with her step mother and her two equally wicked step sisters. Her father was a huge fan of Starfield. Just like him, Elle is a geek of this show. Now, there is a cosplay organised – ExcelsiCon. This story is mainly about how Elle dodges barriers- both small and big- to participate in this cosplay and eventually unite with her prince Charming!

This book was a fairytale indeed. The writer has done this retelling very beautifully. There is nothing more to say; this story is exactly what Cinderella would be like in this modern world. 

The fandom of Starfield is potrayed quite beautifully here. While reading about it and imagining the cosplay, one is sure to remember such shows and books they love themselves.

But book is not perfect. Even though the modern Cinderella is what it is, it is not all flawless like it. Even though I admit I read it somewhere, but I totally agree with it that it kinda reminds you of those stories posted on the internet by random people. Majority of the first half and a small part of the later half is that way and you can’t stop wondering at the weirdness. I even thought to stop reading it when I was at around page 50. 

Nevertheless, I carried on and I read this book. I think this is a kind of book you could read, just for the few pages of awesomeness!

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An Encounter with Cannabis

My friend wrote a post on this crucial subject. Please do check this out!


No! No! No! Am not in my senses, its not happening! Something has went wrong! Please help me! Someone please help me

He kept on saying as he was loosing control over his brain and slowly his senses, he thought maybe he had too much, but he actually didn’t !Calm down, Calm downhis friends kept on telling him but he felt lost, completely!
How does this all happen? Has it ever happened to you? How do all these drugs take control of your brain?Let’s find out

Just like the “Hangover” friends, he too wanted to have some fun and enjoy his life, well nobody atleast in India would suggest you taking drugs for the soothiness and fun in the life, but sometimes people become so curious and intended that they ‘will’ to have some of them! He too was one of them. But this time the drug…

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I have believed in this statement when I had that friend. I still do, even when that friend has gone very far away from me, because I still miss her so much, and I can never hate her, never.

She was someone whom I felt attached to even before we were friends. You know, there are people who feel so much like home. Merely being near them, in their company, is enough. Feeling anxious? Hug them. Feeling angry? Hug them. Feeling nothing? Just give them a call and talk for a good half an hour and everything will be alright.

That friend of mine was one of those people who are very quiet around people they don’t know very well. And around friends? They talk to you in such a depth that you start finding all other conversations really boring. She used to pour her heart to me, and that made me feel very special obviously. And i also used to share anything and everything to her without fear of apathy or betrayal.

But one day, all of a sudden, she told me that we won’t talk to each other anymore. I was a careless person back then; I did not think much of it then. After few months she shifted to another town and then I started missing her, slowly day by day. I also tried contacting her few times. She talked to me, but she felt devoid of any emotion- what had happened that she started feeling absolutely nothing for a friend all of a sudden?

I’m not sure even today what actually happened, but I have a few theories which fit perfectly there.

In the initial phase of our friendship, I made her feel very important. But I also had other friends, whom I started giving equal importance later. What I failed to realize is that I also had others, but she only had me. So, maybe that hurt her. That was when she decided to finish this. I was very frustrated at her; how can anyone simply stop caring about someone? But I totally get it today. It can happen when you don’t receive that love in return, when you feel ignored.

As much as I want that amazing friend back in my life, I can’t bring myself trying anymore, for I don’t want to hurt her. I fear rejection. I don’t know what to do. I’ve never wished for a miracle more than I wish now. I really want that friend back in my life. I wish she somehow reads this post and feels something, anything. She even may show anger and shout at me; but this apathy is the worst. Even if I never get to see her, I wish her the best, she is one hardworking person and deserves all the success and happiness.

Taking friends for granted can cost you more than you can ever imagine. Mine was calling me, I was a minute late, and she disappeared.


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Your advice, perhaps?

Being an ardent reader also made me want to write. And, I’m not too bad at writing. At least that’s what my friends say. I’ve even won a few writing competitions, which boosted my confidence more than I thought it would. 

I’ve always had that desire to write my own books- fictions which people go crazy about. I’ve always wanted to make an impact. I have a few plots in my mind and want to start writing soon.

Problem is, I find writing much less spontaneous than I thought it was for me. When I write, I feel something major is missing, like words are flowing alone, that I’m not with them.

I have a strong feeling that I’m just going through a very long writer’s block and one day I’ll be out of it suddenly. 

Still, any ideas if I can do something about it?

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[Review] The rise of Sivagami by Anand Neelakantan

Genre- historical fiction, fantasy, frama, mystery

My rating- 4/5 

A prequel of the very amazing and grand movie, bahubali: the beginning, a lot is to be expected from this book. Even though the grandeur of the movies is hard to adopt in any book, Anand Neelakantan did a great job with this book. 
Even though the book has so many characters, the book mainly brings light to the characters of Sivagami and Kattappa- both very important characters in the movies as well. Also, we find some new characters like Pattaraya, Rudra Bhatta , Pratapa and Skandadasa who influence the story in a major manner.

With so many characters, this book gave me the feels of Game of Thrones to some extent. With first half making us used to this kingdom of Mahishmati and the places near it, I must say that it wasn’t very fast paced or exciting. But in the second half, the story quickly picked up the pace and it turns into a page turner.

This book has abundance of cruelty, greed, selfishness, betrayal and any other such emotion which indulges the characters in some really dangerous activities. You are going to feel a lot of pity for the low caste people there- they become the prey of the greedy. 

I think I pretty much enjoyed this book because this is that proper Indian historical fiction, which is sure to transfer you to a totally another world. For me, this book was a complete package of drama, thrill and fantasy. I can’t wait for the second book!!

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Real neat blog award, congratulations to all my nominees

Thank you Dear kitty. Some blog for nominating me for The real neat blog award.

The ‘rules’ of the Real Neat Blog Award are: (feel free not to act upon them if you don’t have time; or don’t accept awards; etc.):

1. Put the award logo on your blog.

2. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.

3. Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs.

4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.

5. Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog etc.)

I was asked the following questions-

1. Where do most visits to your blog come from?

Ans:  India🇮🇳

2. What is your favourite sport?

Ans: Badminton

3. What has been a special moment for you so far in 2017?

Ans: when I won a writing competition

4. What is your favourite quote?

Ans: “ happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one remembers to turn on the light

5. What was your favourite class when still at school?

Ans: class 8th

6. Anything you had wished to have learned earlier?

Ans: blogging!!

7. What musical instrument have you tried to play?

Ans: guitar

My 7 questions are:

  1. What was the topic of your first blog post?
  2. Any book/movie you wish could unread/unwatch to read/watch it all over again?
  3. On a regular basis, what time/activity of the day do you most look forward to?
  4. Best gift you have ever received?
  5. Your dream job? ( It might be your current job)
  6. If you had an option to get lifetime supply of something, what would that things(s) be? ( Like- books , food,etc)
  7. Do you use WordPress app?

My nominees are-

  1. akshit2708
  2. rekhasahay
  3. radhikasreflection
  4. Rachini the iceberg
  5. Metro and life
  6. Books teacup and reviews
  7. Travelling through words
  8. Aparna Nair
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[Review] Evil under the sun by Agatha Christie

Genre- mystery, crime, classics

My rating- 3/5

In case the murderer may still be about

This story is about the murder of a woman who is very attracted to men. But more than that, every man is attracted to her. 

For me, the premise of a book is very important. In this book, I don’t know, I think I could not immerse myself in the premise. Even though the thought of a murder in a tourist hotel in an island sounds alluring, I couldn’t find myself enjoying it much.

Now, some things sounded extremely absurd to me. People here always thought of Mrs. Marshall as a wicked woman, with no values and bla bla bla. But her husband is sympathetic towards her. This thing simply did not make sense to me. There is no excuse for having a habit of being attracted to the people in a certain way when you’re committed to someone.

But, do you know what made by for all these flaws? The flawless mystery, and how it unfolded, how Christie again made me wonder at the end. When you read an Agatha Christie novel, this is something you can always take for granted. It’s just that when you’ve read her books like ‘And then there were none’ and ‘Murder on the orient express’, your expectations are way too high. In a way, I was satisfied with this book since it quenced my thirst for a mystery book!

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My story as a reader

Living in a small town in Punjab, India, not many people think about reading like they think about watching T.V, going out with friends and family or going to the movies! They just don’t consider it much of an activity here.

But I had a reader in me from the very beginning. Owing to the fact that there wasn’t a single soul I could find interested in reading- the best ever thing you can do, I was almost 15 when I first started reading- all by myself, on wattpad!

I was pretty excited when I found out I could read on my phone. I remember clearly when I shared about the same with someone and tried showing them the amazing app. The reply I got was,“ naw, you only read it.” That was very embarrassing to me. A seed started growing inside my head- a seed of never sharing my reading experience.

What’s next? I started to read quietly, without sharing about it to anyone. It went for sometime before 2 of my friends in school were interested in reading. We used to go to the school library together and I would recommend them books- something I always find pride in.

After reading 4 Harry Potter books from the school library, I graduated. I made sure to read the rest of them by buying them ( I have all HP books except these four, which I’ll buy soon and complete my collection).

Now, when one day I was heading to College library, a friend said,“there’s nothing kept in books”. I just smiled at her. Not many months after, I got a call from her asking me for recommendation of a good fantasy book.
Scenario today

Today, I’m very open about reading. My family is quite proud of me, especially when I finish those really big novels comprising of like 800 pages. I love buying books online (there ain’t a bookstore here) and slowly building up my book collection.

Somehow, I am quite confident about writing as well, which is  acknowledged by my friends and family. I’ve turned some of my friends into readers and I love talking to them about books. But I’ve learned one thing all this while- don’t waste your energy showing your passion to someone who doesn’t give a crap.

Keeping other things aside, I would say that reading has made me so much more confident about everything. I don’t keep my feelings inside me anymore, I show them. But most importantly, I feel so much at peace. I don’t feel like I’ve to please anyone now. Worldly things don’t matter much to me.

My definition of a happy life just consists of family, few friends and lots of books and reading!

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[REVIEW] One of us is lying by Karen M. McManus


Genre- contemporary, thriller, young adult, mystery

My rating-4/5

Five students walk in detention and merely after 5 minutes one of them is dead. Pretty normal, huh?

This book is the story of 4 teenagers who somehow end up in detention for something they did not do and become suspects of the murder of a fifth kid. A kid whom not only one, but most of the school students had a reason or the other to kill. He spilled their secrets out.

Not talking more about the story anymore, I’ll talk about how and what I liked about this book. The characters were all very interesting. Somehow, the author made me care about all the four main characters. I was able to empathise with each and every one of them.

Then there was this thing which kept me glued to this book. It was the setting which was very intriguing to me, the way the story unfolds, the perspectives of each and every one of them shown separately and how they end up getting attached to each other at some level. I don’t know if its worth mentioning, but sibling relation shown here moved me to some extent.

Even though this book is not romance centred, it made me smile like an idiot at many instances which I totally loved. That kind of romance involved is exactly my kind of romance- nothing cheesy about it, and it felt so real and sexy.

I would’ve given this book 5 stars but I’m not sure I liked how the mystery ended. But I think this aspect of liking it or not is totally subjective.

All in all, I’m very happy that I read this book. I think it can be easily labelled as a modern masterpiece.

Happy reading!